Show quality Pinzgauer Cattle and
exhibition Poultry
Jerry De Smidt or Jake Hendzel
N912 Hill Road, Pulaski, WI  54162

Show Quality Pinzgauer Cattle and Exhibition Poultry

        We no longer sell chicks, started chicks or eggs for hatching

2014 Ameraucana Nationals 
Reserve Champion Bantam   
at Southern Ohio Poulty Show in Lucasville

2011 APA & ABA Best Khaki Campbell Duck

2014 OHIO Nationals

Champion AOSB and BB Large Fowl Ameraucana on White Cockerel

BB Bantam Ameraucana on a Blue Wheaten  Cockerel
RB Bantam Ameraucana on a Wheaten Pullet
BB & RB Pilgram Geese on 2 old males

2013 Ohio Nationals
Champion Mediterranean with a SC White Leghorn Pullet
BB & BV Bantam Black Ameraucana Pullet
RB & BV Bantam Blue Ameraucana Cockerel
RV Black Ameraucana Cockerel Bantam
RV Blue Ameraucana Hen Bantam
BV & RV White Ameraucana Bantams Hen & Cockerel
BV Blue Wheaten Ameraucana Bantam Cock
BV Wheaten Ameraucana Bantam Pullet
BB & RB Khaki Campbell Duck 

2013 Ameraucana Nationals
Great Falls, MT
Show 1 (Ameraucana National Show)
Champion Ameraucana, Champion Large Fowl,
& Champion AOSB with Black Pullet
Reserve Ameraucana, Reserve AOCCL with a Bantam White Pullet
14 BV & RV on Ameraucanas
Best and Reserve Mediterranean
Best and Reserve Continental
Reserve Water Fowl, Champion Goose with a Toulouse old male
Reserve Champion Duck Rouen old male

Show 2 (NW Disrtict show)
Champion Large Fowl, Champion AOSB with Blue Cockerel
14 BV & RV on Ameraucanas
Reserve Large Fowl with a SC White Leghorn hen
Best and Reserve Mediterranean
Best and Reserve Continental

Champion Water Fowl & Champion Goose White China old male
Reserve Champion Water Fowl & Champion Duck Khaki Champbell old male

2012 Ameraucana Nationals
Sedalia, MO
Reserve Champion Waterfowl Show 2 Black Runner Old Male
Champion Goose show 2 White China Old Female
Reserve Champion Goose Show 1 White China Old Female
BB Ameraucana Bantam show 2 Black Cockerel

2012 WI State Fair
Res. Super Grand Champion, Champion Waterfowl, & Champion Goose
Pilgrim Old Male
Res. Landfowl & Champion Bantam Rhode Island Red Pullet
Res. Bantam Buff Laced Polish Pullet
12 Division and Reserve Division winners

2011 APA & ABA Nationals @ Indianapolis

Reserve White Chinese Goose old Female
Best of Breed Khaki Campbell Duck Young Male
Reserve Bantam Ameraucana Wheaten Young Male
Best of Variety:
Bantams: Blue, Wheaten, Blue Wheaten
Large Fowl: Buff
Reserve Variety:
Bantams: Blue Wheaten
Large Fowl: Blue, Black, Splash
Champion Ameraucana Display with Black Large Fowl
Best Large Fowl Pullet, Bantam Pullet, and Bantam Hen Eggs

2011 Wisconsin State Fair

Champion Waterfowl
White Chinese Gander

Champion & Reserve Goose
White Chinese Gander & Pilgrim Gander

Champion Large Duck
Black Runner Old Male

Reserve Large Fowl
Black Ameraucana Hen

11 Division and Reserve Division Champions

2010 Wisconsin State Fair Results

Super Grand Champion of Show
White Leghorn Hen

Reserve Super Grand Champion of Show
Cayuga Duck Hen

Grand Champion Landfowl
White Leghorn Hen

Reserve Champion Landfowl
2nd Place White Leghorn Hen

Grand Champion Waterfowl
Cayuga Duck Hen

Reserve Champion Waterfowl 
White Chinese Goose Old Male

15 Division and Reserve Division Champions

2010 Bluegrass Show- Frankfort, KY

Reserve Champion Largefowl
White Leghorn Hen

Reserve Champion AOCCL (Reserve Champion Ameraucana Bantam, Ameraucana Nationals)

9 Division and Reserve Division Champions

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